Complete Guide: Installing Monero Core Node with JSON-RPC on Ubuntu

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To install a Monero core node on Ubuntu and enable JSON-RPC, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Update your system:
   sudo apt update
   sudo apt upgrade
  1. Install the required dependencies:
   sudo apt install build-essential cmake pkg-config libboost-all-dev libssl-dev libzmq3-dev
  1. Clone the Monero repository from GitHub:
   git clone --recursive
  1. Change to the Monero directory:
   cd monero
  1. Build Monero:
  1. Install Monero:
   sudo make install
  1. Start the Monero daemon to synchronize with the network:

This will begin the initial synchronization. Wait until the synchronization is complete before proceeding.

  1. Stop the Monero daemon by pressing Ctrl+C.
  2. Create a configuration file for the Monero daemon:
   nano ~/.monero/monerod.conf

In the configuration file, add the following lines to enable JSON-RPC:


You can customize the rpc-bind-port value if necessary.

  1. Save and exit the configuration file by pressing Ctrl+X, followed by Y and Enter.
  2. Start the Monero daemon again, this time enabling the JSON-RPC:
   monerod --rpc-bind-ip= --rpc-bind-port=18081 --restricted-rpc

The JSON-RPC interface will now be accessible on the specified IP address and port.

You have successfully installed a Monero core node on Ubuntu and enabled JSON-RPC. Make sure to secure your node and follow best practices for running a cryptocurrency node.


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