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Tochka Free Market

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Tochka Free Market
Getting Started

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development and testing purposes.


  • golang
  • git
  • Postgres
  • tor / torsocks


To get Tochka running:

# 1. Get Tochka source code
torsocks go get -insecure qxklmrhx7qkzais6.onion/Tochka/tochka-free-market
# 2. Build Tochka from source
cd $GOPATH/src/qxklmrhx7qkzais6.onion/Tochka/tochka-free-market
go build
# 3. Sync DB models and supplementary data
su postgres
    createdb go_t
    psql go_t < dumps/cities.sql
    psql go_t < dumps/countries.sql 
/tochka-free-market sync
# 4. Edit settings
cp settings.json.example settings.json
vim settings.json
# 5. Run HTTP server

Go to http://localhost:8081/ and register a new user. Add admin privelegies to new account:

./tochka-free-market user <username> grant admin


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