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Custom Build Karyx DNM script is for sale its complete new script from scratch and  with many advance features and security

Title: Exploring the Powerful Features of Our Website Script

Welcome to our website script, a robust and feature-rich platform designed to meet the needs of various online businesses. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the extensive array of features that make our script stand out from the crowd. From advanced authentication and user roles to e-commerce functionalities and security measures, we have you covered. Let’s explore the key features in detail:

1. Setup Framework Latest and Deployed Server:
Our website script is built on the latest framework, ensuring compatibility and access to the latest features. Additionally, we provide server deployment assistance, allowing you to quickly set up your website and get it up and running.

2. Setup Basic Auth:
We offer a secure and reliable basic authentication system that protects your website’s content and restricts access to authorized users only.

3. Setup Multi-Role (Admin, Buyer, Seller, Moderator):
Our script supports multiple user roles, including admin, buyer, seller, and moderator. Each role has specific permissions and functionalities tailored to their respective needs.

4. Buyer Dashboard:
The buyer dashboard provides a centralized hub for managing settings and permissions. Buyers can easily access menus, update their preferences, and control their account settings.

5. Auth with Gates and Middleware:
We incorporate authentication with gates, enabling granular permission control within your code. Additionally, middleware functions such as IsAdmin and IsSeller ensure that specific actions can only be performed by authorized users.

6. E-commerce – Product Section:
Our script includes a comprehensive product section where sellers can create and edit products, organize them into categories, and manage their inventory.

7. E-commerce – All Products:
Buyers can browse through a vast catalog of products available on the platform, exploring different categories and making purchases based on their preferences.

8. E-commerce – Order Management (Seller):
Sellers have dedicated order pages to receive and process orders from buyers. They can track order status, manage shipping details, and ensure smooth transactions.

9. E-commerce – Order Management (Buyer):
Buyers can easily create orders, select preferred payment methods, and complete transactions securely through our integrated payment system.

10. Payment Method Management:
Our script allows for flexible payment method management, making it easy to integrate additional cryptocurrencies or payment gateways in the future without disrupting existing functionality.

11. Messages and Help Over Order:
A built-in chat system enables seamless communication between buyers and sellers, fostering transparency and addressing any queries or concerns regarding orders.

12. Dispute Resolution (Buyer-Seller-Moderator):
In cases of disputes between buyers and sellers, our script provides a dedicated dispute resolution system moderated by an assigned moderator to ensure fair resolutions.

13. Buyer and Seller Roles Chat with Moderator and Admin:
Buyers and sellers can communicate directly with moderators and administrators through the chat system, seeking assistance or clarifying any issues related to their roles.

14. Setup PGP and 2FA for All Users:
We prioritize user security by offering the option to set up PGP encryption and two-factor authentication (2FA), adding an extra layer of protection to user accounts.

15. Forum:
Our script includes a dynamic forum where users can create questions and receive answers from the community. Moderators can flag inappropriate content and manage the forum effectively.

16. E-commerce – Product Types (Digital, Physical, Auction):
Sellers can list various product types, including digital and physical products, as well as participate in auctions to attract buyers and increase engagement.

17. Auction Functionality Management:
We provide comprehensive auction functionality management, allowing sellers to set up and manage auctions effortlessly, enhancing the overall user experience.

18. Search Section Development (Heavy Load):
Our robust search functionality is designed to handle heavy loads, ensuring fast and accurate results even with a large number of concurrent search requests.


. Advertisement Block:
Sellers can promote their products or profiles through paid advertisements, maximizing their visibility. Additionally, we track clicks and impressions for effective advertising campaign management.

20. Admin Charge Management:
Administrators have the ability to manage various charges, including fixed charges, withdrawal fees, commissions, vendor bond fees, and ad charges, streamlining the financial aspects of your platform.

21. Featured Products:
Our script offers the option to feature certain products, which attracts additional charges. Featured products gain higher visibility in search results and appear on the homepage, increasing their chances of being discovered by potential buyers.

22. Order Management Automation:
To streamline the order management process, our script automatically finalizes orders after a specific time if no disputes are raised. Furthermore, orders are automatically canceled if not accepted by the buyer within a designated timeframe.

23. Notifications:
Users receive notifications for important events, such as order updates, new messages, and system announcements, ensuring they stay informed and engaged.

24. Auto-Vacation Mode:
To prevent unattended stores, we offer an auto-vacation mode that activates if a vendor doesn’t log in for a week. This feature temporarily disables the ability to place orders until the vendor logs in again, maintaining a responsive marketplace.

25. Security and Performance Optimization:
Our script prioritizes security and performance. We regularly review heavy load requests, optimize code to minimize CSS usage, manage image sizes and formats for faster loading, and implement measures to detect and prevent abuse or misuse of the system.

26. User Blocking and Banning:
Administrators and moderators can block or ban users who violate platform guidelines, ensuring a safe and trustworthy community.

27. Seller Withdrawal Coin:
Sellers can easily withdraw their earnings in the desired currency, providing them with flexibility and convenience.

28. Multi-Currency Support:
Our script supports multiple currencies, enabling buyers and sellers from different regions to transact in their preferred currency.

29. Multi-Languages:
We have designed our script to be language-friendly, allowing you to easily incorporate multiple languages to cater to a global user base.

30. Website Changelog Page:
To build trust and transparency, we provide a changelog page that showcases updates, bug fixes, and improvements made to the website script, ensuring users are aware of the latest developments.

31. Security Features for Preventing Abuse:
Our script includes security features to identify and prevent abuse, such as multiple requests or frequent clicks that may indicate malicious activities or misuse of search and other pages.

32. CPU Load Monitoring:
We have implemented measures to monitor CPU load based on processes and CPU count, ensuring optimal performance and preventing excessive resource consumption.

Our website script offers a comprehensive suite of features tailored to meet the demands of modern online businesses. From advanced authentication and user role management to e-commerce functionalities, security measures, and performance optimizations, our script provides a powerful foundation for building a successful online platform.


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