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Cosmos darkweb script

Cosmos marketplace script

demo link http://g4wb3sh6f75l6rbz4dxo3xwjqbh7lfj725z4mcb2ps3qmrdjv57y7zyd.onion



Latest version of Cosmos marketplace dark-web script

• Customised Themes.

• DDOS Protection.

• 2FA with PGP.

• Advertisement block spaces.

• Mnemonic based account recovery.

• Captcha protected forms.

• Anti-XSS Protection.

• Responsive Template.

• Multiple Coins (BTC,XMR)

• Admin manages – Fixed Charge, Withdrawal Charge, Commission, Vendor Bond Fee, Ad charges.

• Dedicated Admin Panel – Manage Users(Ban/Unban/Delete/increase money/Decrease money/delete products).

• Wallet for every user.

• Auto-Finalise order after specified time.

• Auto-cancel order after 48 hours of vendor not accepting the order.

• Finalise Early for Renowned vendors(No escrow).

• Auto-Delete old notification, messsages.

• Anonymous review on Products.

• Auto-Vacation Mode (If vendor dont login for a week, his products cant be ordered until he logs in again).

• Admin manages Escrow.

• Setup TOR with custom .onion address.

• Admin approved Withdrawals.

• Tickets to prevent user from fraud (Can pause an order, tickets can be paid).

• Live Notifications.

• PGP encrypted data, messages, delivery addresses.

• Frontend support for icons, pngs, photos and promotion.


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