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Cannahome market script download



Cannahome market script download  180 MB

Cannahome dark web market script download full source code + database dump

What is CannaHome Market

CannaHome is the successor to CGMC market that stopped operating in 2018 and uses the same source code and design. CannaHome only allows cannabis and mushrooms products so if you are looking for other drugs this is not the market for you.

Type of products for sell in CannaHome

CannaHome offers no market controlled wallets and two ways to order (multi-sig escrow or direct pay) and 2 coins (LTC and BTC).

How To Become Vendor on CannaHome

CannaHome URL have high standards for new vendors. Vendors must have substantial, verifiable vending experience on other darknet markets (minimum 500 rated sales and 6 months experience) and high ratings (less than 1% negative on positive/neutral/negative markets, or 4.95 or higher on 1-5 rated markets). Vendors will also need to have a reputation for good communications and integrity. At this time, CannaHome are only accepting USA-based vendors.

cannonhome script
cannonhome script


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